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Diving into the world of Instagram, let’s talk about the ‘Restrict’ feature and what does restrict mean on Instagram for your social media experience. Recently, Instagram has been making changes to prioritize user safety, especially regarding mental health. One of these changes is the introduction of new privacy features, including the ‘Restrict’ option. This tool allows you to control how often you see comments and messages from certain accounts on your feed.

It’s like having a virtual boundary for a more comfortable online environment. Ever wondered what happens when you restrict someone on Instagram? Well, it won’t send them a notification, making it a discreet way to manage your interactions. Stick around as we unravel the details of Instagram’s ‘Restrict’ feature, its purpose, and how it can positively impact your social media journey.

What Does Restrict Mean On Instagram

By opting to restrict an Instagram account, you essentially shield yourself and others from the account’s comments and direct messages. This means you won’t be bothered with notifications when the restricted person comments on your posts or sends you messages. Simultaneously, certain aspects of your activity, like your online status, remain hidden from their view. Michelle Krasniak, the author of Social Media Marketing All-in-One for Dummies, aptly describes it as a perfect solution for times when blocking, unfollowing, or removing someone as a follower seems too drastic, yet you desire to limit their access to your profile.

To check a restricted user’s comment, you can tap “See Comment” and decide whether to “Approve” it for others to see, “Delete” it, or simply ignore it. Additionally, you can review messages from a restricted user under the “Message Request” tab.

How To Restrict An Account On Instagram

On Mobile:

  1. Open Instagram App:
    • Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device.
    • Navigate to the profile of the person you wish to restrict.
  2. Access Options:
    • Locate the three dots icon in the top right corner of the user’s profile.
how to restrict account on instagram
restricted on Instagram
  1. Choose “Restrict”:
    • Tap on the three dots to open a menu.
    • From the menu options, select “Restrict.”
  2. Confirm Restriction:
    • A confirmation prompt will appear.
    • Confirm your choice by tapping “Restrict” again.

On Desktop:

  1. Visit Instagram Website:
    • Go to instagram.com using a web browser on your desktop.
    • Log in to your Instagram account.
  2. Navigate to Profile:
    • Find and navigate to the profile of the person you want to restrict.
  3. Click “Follow” Dropdown:
    • Locate the “Follow” button on their profile.
    • Click on the dropdown arrow next to it.
  4. Select “Restrict”:
    • From the dropdown options, choose “Restrict.”
  5. Confirm Your Choice:
    • A confirmation prompt may appear.
    • Confirm your decision to restrict the user.

How To Know Someone Restricted Me On Instagram

When you restrict someone on Instagram, it’s like a secret move, and they won’t get a special message about it. But, as time goes on, they might notice something has changed in how you interact with them on the app. If they start asking questions, it wouldn’t be surprising.

Now, if you want to find out if someone restricted you, here are a few tricks. Check if you can see a green dot saying “Active Now” on their profile picture or if there are timestamps like “Active 1h ago” under their messages. You can also test by leaving a comment on their post and asking a friend to check if they see it. If your friend can’t see your comment, there’s a chance you’re restricted.

But here’s the catch: Instagram has some features that can make it tricky to be sure if you’re restricted. People can turn off their “Active Now” status, and sometimes comments take a while to show up. Even though there’s no surefire way, being aware of these signs can help you navigate Instagram better and avoid potential issues. Keep an eye out, and stay safe on the app!

What Happens When You Restrict Someone On Instagram

What Does Restrict Mean On Instagram
Understanding the Restriction ProcessWhen you choose to restrict someone on Instagram, it’s akin to blocking but maintains a level of politeness. While blocking conceals your entire feed and stories, restriction discreetly hides comments and messages, allowing the restricted user to still view your posts. Teresa Day, PLANOLY’s president, notes it as a subtler approach to limit undesired interactions.
Politeness in Digital BoundariesThe restrict feature operates with a degree of politeness, unlike the explicit action of blocking. The restricted account remains unaware of the restriction, offering a middle ground to safeguard online space without causing overt discomfort to the restricted party.
Avoiding Unwanted InteractionsThe primary outcome of restricting someone on Instagram is the ability to navigate unwanted interactions while adhering to social media etiquette. It establishes a controlled environment, allowing users to manage interactions according to their comfort levels and digital boundaries.
In essence, restricting someone on Instagram strategically maintains a positive online experience, striking a balance between safeguarding personal space and upholding courteous online engagement.

Difference Between Restricted And Blocked Accounts On Instagram

Visibility of ContentRestricts comments and messages: While the restricted user can still view your posts, their comments and messages are hidden from you.Complete block: Blocks the user from seeing any of your content, including posts, stories, and other activities on your profile.
User AwarenessUnaware of restriction: The restricted account is not notified of being restricted.Notification sent: When you block a user, Instagram sends a notification, making it clear that you have blocked them.
CommunicationDirect communication is possible: The restricted user can still send you direct messages, but they go to the Message Request folder.No direct communication: Blocking prevents any form of direct communication. The blocked user can’t send messages, comments, or engage with your content.
Content InteractionCan still like and view posts: The restricted user can like and view your posts, but their engagement remains limited.Complete restriction: The blocked user is restricted from all forms of engagement, including liking, commenting, or interacting with your posts and stories.
Profile VisibilityProfile still visible: The restricted user can still visit your profile and see your posts.Profile becomes invisible: Blocking makes your profile and content completely invisible to the blocked user.
Mutual Follow StatusNo change in followers: Restricting does not affect the status of followers. Both users can still follow each other.Unfollows both ways: Blocking automatically unfollows the blocked user and removes them from your followers. They won’t be able to follow you unless unblocked.
Message RequestsMessages go to Message Requests: If the restricted user sends a message, it goes to the Message Requests folder for your review.Blocked messages are hidden: Any existing or new messages from the blocked user are hidden from your inbox. You won’t see their messages even in the Message Requests.
ReversibilityEasily reversible: You can unrestrict a user at any time, restoring normal interaction.Can be unblocked: You have the option to unblock a user, but they need to follow you again to reconnect. However, previous messages and comments from the blocked period remain hidden.


1. What does ‘Restrict’ mean on Instagram?

  • By choosing to ‘Restrict’ someone on Instagram, you can control the visibility of their comments and messages without blocking or unfollowing them. This feature allows you to maintain a comfortable online environment while avoiding unwanted interactions.

2. How can I restrict an account on Instagram?

  • On Mobile:
    • Open the Instagram app.
    • Go to the profile of the person you want to restrict.
    • Tap on the three dots icon and choose “Restrict.”
    • Confirm your choice by tapping “Restrict” again.
  • On Desktop:
    • Visit instagram.com and log in.
    • Navigate to the profile you want to restrict.
    • Click the “Follow” button dropdown and select “Restrict.”
    • Confirm your decision if prompted.

3. How do I know if someone restricted me on Instagram?

  • Instagram won’t send a notification when you’re restricted, but you might notice changes in interactions. Look for signs like the absence of the “Active Now” dot, delayed comments, or testing with a friend to see if your comment is visible.

4. What happens when you restrict someone on Instagram?

  • Restricting hides comments and messages from the restricted user while allowing them to view your posts. It’s a more subtle approach to limit interactions without blocking. You can still manage their comments and messages under the “Message Request” tab.

5. What’s the difference between restricting and blocking on Instagram?

  • Visibility of Content:
    • Restricting: Hides comments and messages, but the user can still view your posts.
    • Blocking: Completely blocks the user from seeing any content.

  • User Awareness:
    • Restricting: The restricted user is unaware.
    • Blocking: Sends a notification to the blocked user.

  • Communication:
    • Restricting: Allows direct communication via Message Requests.
    • Blocking: Prevents all direct communication.

  • Content Interaction:
    • Restricting: Allows limited liking and viewing.
    • Blocking: Restricts all forms of engagement.

  • Profile Visibility:
    • Restricting: Profile remains visible.
    • Blocking: Profile becomes invisible.

  • Mutual Follow Status:
    • Restricting: No change in followers.
    • Blocking: Unfollows both ways.

  • Message Requests:
    • Restricting: Messages go to Message Requests.
    • Blocking: Hides messages from the blocked user.

  • Reversibility:
    • Restricting: Easily reversible.
    • Blocking: Can be unblocked, but previous interactions remain hidden.


Alright, we’ve covered a lot about Instagram’s ‘Restrict’ feature, and here’s the lowdown. This tool is like your secret weapon for a more chilled-out time on Instagram. It’s all part of Instagram’s plan to keep us safe and happy. ‘Restrict’ helps you control who can comment or message you without making a big fuss.

So, what have we learned? ‘Restrict’ is the go-to move when you want to set some boundaries but don’t want to go all-in by blocking or unfollowing someone. It’s Michelle Krasniak’s “middle ground” – a subtle way to say, “Hey, let’s keep some distance.”

Remember, the person you restrict won’t get a heads-up, making it a stealthy move. But, if things change between you two, they might catch on eventually. Now, how to check if someone pulled the ‘Restrict’ move on you? It’s a bit tricky, but look for signs like the “Active Now” dot or try leaving a comment and see if a friend can spot it.

Understanding the difference between ‘Restrict’ and ‘Block’ is key too. ‘Restrict’ is like setting soft boundaries – it hides comments and messages but lets them still see your posts. Blocking, on the other hand, is like going off the grid – they can’t see anything.

And hey, if you change your mind, you can always undo the ‘Restrict’ move. It’s all about making Instagram a cozy place for you. So go ahead, use ‘Restrict,’ keep things cool, and enjoy your time on Instagram, However If you need our help please leave us a comment we will be happy to assist you.

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