How To Grow On Instagram And Other Social media Platforms | Best Social Media Tips and Tricks For Growth | All You Need to Know In 2024

In this Digital age, where social media platforms continue to flourish, and Instagram remains a powerhouse in the realm of visual storytelling. If you’re an aspiring influencer, content creator, or the one with Zero followers on Instagram, seeking to grow your presence, and how to grow on Instagram is your daily dream, you’ve come to the right place. we’ll walk you through simple and user-friendly tips to help your Instagram account blossom, by focusing on followers growth.

Together, we’ll discover the power of authenticity, creative content, and staying ahead of the game. So, let’s dive in and watch your Insta grow to new heights!

What Do People On Social Media wish in 2024

“We want to be famous”, Is the new trending line in 2024, Everyone want’s to be well known around the social media and definitely why not?

Being well known person or a brand on social media not only makes you famous, It also attracts Ambassadors, Companies, Buyers, Collaborations towards you and your Brand.

Social media has become a great platform to earn in present years, With increase in inflation and decrease in the job opportunities, many people have turned their ways towards the online earning, and social media marketing is a great place to sell and earn💰. But for this you first need to learn social media growth tricks and Tips.

Best Tips And Tricks To Grow On Social Media

1)Use Your Profile Bio (As a first impression😎)

How to grow on Instagram impressive bio

Image source : Instagram

Whenever someone visits your profile the very first thing they notice about is your BIO, try making it as persuasive as possible, the BIO must contain all the relevant information about what your profile or brand is, you must also include Link to your website and never forget adding hashtags that suits your niche, Avoid adding too much emojis that gives your profile a silly look, keep it sleek and simple to attract users of all ages.

2)Use Hashtags Trending/Relevant Social Media Engagement Tactics

When we talk about hashtags, It is actually the most important thing to get your content seen, But the relevancy of hashtags is even more concerning, If you have a specific Niche for Instagram, like you post cooking videos only, you should use cooking, vegetables, sauces and chef Hashtags and If you are a fashion designer, design clothes or have a clothing brand you should use color related fabric related style related and dress Hashtags these are just few examples there are hundreds of such.

Two sort of hashtags must be used on a post, one that are related to the post e.g color, ambiance, texture, brand, situation, scenario, type of the post, while the other must be the trending hashtags that have the volume above millions or billions. Most Apps allow 30 #hashtags on the post so do divide them in the proportion of 15 relevant and 15 trending.

Trending Hashtags You Can Easily Copy And Paste

#instagram1.1 billion posts#love2.1 billion posts
#instagood1.6 billion posts#loveyourself111 million posts
#instalike502 million posts#loveyou73.6 million posts
#instafashion185 million posts#photooftheday1 billion posts
#nofilter285 million posts#photography1 billion posts
#foryou155 million posts#naturephotography230 million posts
#smile435 million posts#happy699 million posts
#ootd426 million posts#ootdfashion426 million posts
#like368 million posts#likeforlike368 million posts
#fun433 million posts#funnyvideos44.5 million posts

3)Posting At Right time For Increasing Reach

Posting at right time is necessary so that your content gets the maximum chance of being seen by the maximum audience, Here are some of the best time zones that we have identified by consistent check and balance on each of ours and our clients post, and the results were mesmerizing on the posts that were posted by keeping these time zones in mind, This is one of the best ideas to consider when concerned about how to grow Instagram account organically.

Best time to post on Instagram

The stats shows that the best time to post on Instagram is from 10 AM to 3 PM try posting within this time frame for greater reach

Best Day to post on Instagram

Tuesday is considered to be the best day to post on Instagram, It gives the best no of views out of 7 days of the week.

worst day to post on Instagram

Weekends are never a good choice to post content as mostly people a busy with families, Due to which the screen time is less.

4)Attract And Grab Followers Of Your competitor

The very first thing to do is find your best niche for Instagram or any other social media platform and then search for others working on the same niche, probably those are your competitors, Interacting with the followers of your competitor, is a great idea to Attract them towards your content, as their likes and dislikes are mutual, Because it’s your competitor with same niche as yours, Like the content of your competitor, Like the comments and comment back on people comments, Follow the most active users, And as the probability says half the users will follow you back, and from followers to followers this will build a chain and there you go you are on your way to success.

5) Track your posts Insight And Use As Social Media Marketing Strategies

Always keep a track of your Posts insight, Focus on the Engagement and Reach It will tell you all about your organic Instagram growth, The engagement will tell you how many Likes, Saves, Comments and shares your post received, While the reach section will tell you how many impressions did your content received from Profile from explore page and how did your chosen #hashtags performed.

Keeping the track of your insights regularly will help you understand how does the new Algorithm of Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Facebook and Pinterest work, you will notice that no of shares and saves trigger the Algorithm most, Because the Algorithm understands that the users are liking the post as they are sharing and saving the post for later use.

Image source Instagarm:

6)Get your posts and Product Reviews Sponsored

How to grow on instagram sponsored posts

On Instagram and Facebook sponsored posts are a new growth idea, a new way to reach more people automatically. You can make your posts sponsored by paying some money. Another cool Instagram followers hack is to team up with famous people on Instagram, called Influencers. Look for those with lots of followers, like more than 10k followers to 20,000 followers

You can find their email on their profile or in their bio. Then, you can send them your stuff and ask them to talk about it in a good way. They can also put your web link or tag your account in their stories. Some big Influencers might even become like ambassadors for your brand. They could make videos or quick lessons about your product if you send them a sample. When they show your stuff, more people will want it, and they might follow you too.

So, by using sponsored posts and teaming up with cool Influencers, you can make lots of new friends on Instagram who really like what you’re sharing. It’s like giving your account a big boost and making more people keen about your content, let’s not waste time and let people wonder, “How Social media grow so fast for you”!

7)Tagging location Above Posts

Tagging the location where the picture was clicked or If your brand have any link the location will bring users to your post.

How? Anyone searching for the location that you have tagged above your post will come across your post, In this way a user might gets attracted towards your profile and might save your post for later, there is a probability that your post provide the whole stuff that the user is looking for in that location.

So using Geo-tags can increase the chances of your visibility, but it will only benefit you if the location that you are using is matches the domain of your post, In short the location and the post must have connection between one and other, otherwise the chances are low that the user will save your post, follow you or even like.

8)Interact With Audience Through Stories

Post regular stories on your profile as stories are a great means of interaction with the followers, try keeping audience engaged with your account, create pool on stories ask questions, ask people to vote between two choices ask them for suggestions you can also ask them for questions (Anything)? And then do share the replies with the public, Try creating suspense, If you use your account as a Blog It could be a great way of spreading your niche and increasing your website authority.

You can also add swipe up to shop feature to your story if you are selling something or you are a Brand profile, you can run Promotions in your stories or announcements can also be made through stories like, Hey! 50% off for today, or if you have something new in stock you can feature It on the story, If you are a public figure you can put your recent post in the stories and ask people to show some love, this will increase you interactions and help your post gain reach and a chance to be on top of explore page.

9) A little request to follow and like

No doubt your content is interesting It contains everything that a user wants to spend it’s leisure time on Social media, but still you lack followers many people enjoy your content at it’s fullest but do not follow you All they need is a little request or a small jerk from your side, Never hesitate to ask people a (follow) In return to the content they are enjoying watching.

Many people confuse on how to say followme on Instagram, so we have few ways, add short notes like Follow for more, Please follow, Follow for follow back, Help us reach 100k followers, Help us celebrate our 100k followers, Use such kind of words in you captions, stories and notes, These could even be used as hashtags.

Examples: #likemypost, #pleaselike, #pleasecomment, #likeforlike, #like4like, #firstcomment, #commentmust, #foryou, #saveforlater, #sharemust.

10)Always keep new trends on the go

Always keep an eye on what’s going around, always follow the new trends, Keep your audience updated with new things any issue revolving around social media must also be highlighted on your profile, In any form whether story, post, reel.

Never forget to talk about the latest released news, and the news could be even of a new movie coming this year, a celebrity son or a daughter signing a new movie or a netflix new famous season but please do avoid Political news as Instagram brings down content that contain political Information because it might bring riots.

11) Announce for contests and giveaways

Announcing contest and giveaways increase the popularity of your Brand it also attracts more and more audience to your profile, give away few products of your brand to the lucky winners and put the winner reviews on stories and even ask the winners to mention your Brand in their stories, I am sure they will happily do it.

In this way story to story will reach a greater number of people, others will also desire to participate and win prizes, ask people to like, share and comment the post to participate in the contest, In this way a huge audience will do it, to win free gifts and hampers.

12)Keep An Eye On Followers Ratio

When it comes to Instagram, followers are the most important thing of our concern, Being famous on Instagram is the measure of the amount of followers we have, always know the difference between followers and following.

Followers are the one that takes us from 0 to 100, happy followers are our foremost priority, Keeping followers enjoying is our work, But before this we should know what are audience is.

Instagram insights also shows the %percentage of Men and Women following us, It also tells us what was our followers growth rate in past 7-days was it (-) or (+), you can easily keep a track of each day Most Active time which tells us which hour of the day was our audience most interacting with our content and the Gender graph help us to know is our content manly or is it a girly content, knowing this we can work on our weaker side so that our content must me liked by everyone.

13) Post Consistency Is The Key To Success

In the race of digital world where everyone is behind the same thing, From 0 followers to 1 million followers is the success story that most of the people want to live, You need to bring odd out, “To Win This Game“, here in the race consistency will be your key to success, Be consistent with your posts, post regularly and even if you just missed out post of the day or you do not have one to post!

No problem! put a story on your profile all we need to do is keep our audience engaged with our account by any means, NO dAYS OFF!.

Note: Being consistent is not only about posting regularly, well It actually is, that you choose a fix time of the day, everyday which your audience must wait for.

Design a proper theme and pattern which must act as your signature post, you followers could easily judge Yes! That’s you.

14) Use Ads

Ads have always been a great source of publicity since The time of radios to television and till today’s date. everyone of us knows about Facebook Ads and as the Instagram is the part of Facebook now here we have a great idea!

Facebook Ads can also be used as Advertising source of our Instagram, We can easily publish and get our posts, product and content sponsored on Facebook Ads, this will enable our content to be seen by a wider audience, there are Algorithms that show desired posts to the users, depending upon their interest.

15) Focus On Eye Catching Attractive Ads

No one is going to focus on your Ads unless they are some what extraordinary from others, here are few things that you should keep in mind while working on Ads strategy.

  • Never use too much text in Ads.
  • Use genuine pictures of the product to gain user trust.
  • Use calm and decent colors to gain user interest.
  • Use only those statements that are relevant to your product and post.
  • You can also add your website link to make it more reachable.
  • Relevant hashtags must also be used to reach a wider audience.

16) Use Tools That Help

There are many Tools designed to help you do better on Instagram, the tools are Available on Playstore and Appstore both these tools can crawl out right #hashtags for your post, they can generate captions as well, and some shows insights and stats also so that you can track the growth of your account.

There are such apps as well in the market that could bring 1000 of followers to your account in no time such as 10k followers naz trick, followers up app, 300 followers app, free Instagram followers Indian, and much more if you search on the internet, but all these are unethical ways to gain followers and those followers gained by such apps and sites never perform the way they are expected to, as they are random followers without having any interest in your niche and everything you share.

Always focus on organic Instagram followers as they are real and true lovers of what you share, now the Instagram app is itself advance enough, It shows the stats and insight both along with the type of audience you are getting at your posts as already discussed earlier in the article.

17) Organize Your Highlights

When a user visits your profile the very first thing they observe after your BIO is your Highlights panel, so keep you highlights panel upto-date always and never skip to add important stories to your highlights.

Stories stay for only 24 hours and putting them into highlights is the new everlasting life to them.

1) Make different categories, and put each story in matching category.
2) Put stories in highlights with maximum views.

18) Give A Signature Style To Your Profile

Develop a unique on style, so that your users can easily stalk you among thousands, give your text and content a signature style which stands you out, and it could be done in a way that you use specific same styled, similar toned captions, If you use Insta square for resizing your images for Instagram use same color for each post, use same font style, use similar hashtags.

19)Use Your Own content

Always use human written content because it personalizes more with the audience, an AI written content will never trigger the emotional attachment of you audience with your brand, You can engage with the audience by asking them to use a trending hashtag about your brand or ask them to share reviews about your and let’s say any 10 Best reviews will be featured on your profile.

This will help in establishing a relationship between you and your audience, Never copy paste content form other profiles as this gesture down grades your standard, as well as your audience looses trust.

20)Never Compromise On The Quality of Images And Videos

Always use high quality Images and videos as Instagram loves high quality content, Instagram brings down the posts and videos that are low in quality,Check out are article Instagram Algorithm in 2024 for more, and not only Instagram, even users do not like blurry content.

Do make sure that your content includes all factors Like fun, Information, entertainment, emotions so that the use interest is maintained.

21) Use Other Social Media Platforms for Publicity

What’s the use of so many social media Apps when you do not use them for benefit! Promote your Profile on other platforms as well such as Facebook, Tiktok, Snapchat, Twitter.

Not only this use offline methods as well, printed Ads are also a great option when it comes to publicity.

22) Improve Discoverabilit By Using Specific Keywords

To improve your visibility Instagram advice to use specific keywords that matches your niche, use keywords in your captions just like the keywords help to rank your websites in the similar way The new Instagram also boost posts based on trending keywords.

23) Have A Unique Instagram Grid

Your grid is the most Visible thing in your profile, whenever a user lands at your profile your grid gives them an overall outlook of your posts history, an impressive grid develop the user interest towards your profile and the user wanted to crawl down more into your profile, this thing increases the chance that the user won’t leave without following you😎.

Quick Tips On How To Get Followers On Instagram Without Following

Here is the essence of all the Tips and tricks of Growing on Instagram, without following people for follow backs (organically) along with some of the additional Tips not discussed earlier, these 18 tips are Must Read.

  1. Create a interesting profile with a clear profile picture, a username that reflects your brand, and a compelling bio that describes who you are and what you offer.
  2. Share visually attractive and high-quality photos and videos that resonate with your target audience. Consistency in content style is key to building a recognizable brand identity.
  3. Research and use relevant hashtags to increase the discoverability of your posts. Mix popular hashtags with niche ones to reach a wider audience.
  4. Research and use relevant hashtags to increase the discoverability of your posts. Mix popular hashtags with more niche ones to reach a wider audience.
  5. Partner with influencers in your industry to reach a larger audience and gain credibility. Their endorsement can significantly boost your follower count.
  6. Run engaging giveaways and contests that encourage people to follow your account and tag their friends for a chance to win prizes.
  7. Share your Instagram content on other social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, to drive traffic and gain new followers
  8. Share behind-the-scenes glimpses, tutorials, and time-limited promotions on your Stories to keep your audience engaged and interested.
  9. Use Instagram insights to determine when your followers are most active, and schedule your posts accordingly for maximum visibility.
  10. Repost content from your followers, giving credit to the original creators. This encourages more engagement and fosters a sense of community.
  11. Provide value to your audience by sharing informative and educational content, tips, and tutorials related to your niche.
  12. Connect with your audience in real-time through Instagram Live videos. Announce the sessions beforehand to attract viewers.
  13. Create longer-form video content on IGTV to showcase in-depth content, tutorials, or interviews.
  14. Create longer-form video content on IGTV to showcase in-depth content, tutorials, or interviews.
  15. Share your story, your successes, and even your struggles. Authenticity builds trust and fosters a stronger connection with your followers.
  16. Follow accounts that align with your niche or target audience, and some of them may follow you back.
  17. Stay updated with the latest trends and participate in relevant challenges or conversations to increase your visibility.
  18. Growing a genuine and engaged following takes time and effort. Stay consistent, be patient, and continuously refine your approach to achieve sustainable growth. Always remember “Slow and steady wins the race”.

FAQs About How To Grow On Social Media

How can I see how many people like my posts on Instagram?

Instagram have a tool that tells information about you post, You can see which people have liked the post. Instagram have Introduced a new feature to turn off like count, Click three dots on top of your post and there turn on the like count option and now you will be able to see the number of people who liked your post.

Can I get many followers quickly on Instagram?

Getting lots of followers takes time and real work, Don’t use inorganic ways like buying followers or using robots – they’re not good at all it,s just the number of followers but in real there is no traffic diverted at your post.

Should I only talk about one thing on Instagram?

It’s a good idea to talk about things you really like, and being sticked to one single niche bring benefits, when you always talk about one thing, people who like it will follow you.

Can Instagram Live help me get more followers?

Yes definitely it will! Instagram Live is like talking to friends in real-time, you can use it to answer questions, show new stuff, or talk about things, tell people in advance when you’ll be live to get more viewers.

What are Instagram Stories and why are they helpful?

Stories are actually short posts that last for a day 24 hours, Stories let you share cool behind-the-scenes stuff and ask questions, Using Stories often keeps people interested in your page.

How do I work with others and get shout-outs on Instagram?

You can make cool posts together with other people, Shout-outs mean one person tells others to follow you. And yes it will benefit you in a great way if the other person have a big amount of following,


In this article on( how to grow on Social media in |2024), We have bring forward all the important factors which help you grow on Social media, plus we have also shared tricks side by side to help you gain more and more public interest.

We have our complete expert team who experiment themselves and bring forward the best possible outcomes for our users to follow and enjoy their success, Our team consist of Digital marketing experts that deep dive itno Algorithms and always stay updated with the new Algorithms that spring up over night, our goal is to make you archive what you wish for.

If you have any query about Instagram and how to grow on Instagram, or you are facing any trouble regarding your reach, please leave your question in our comment section our team will be glad to assist you. Further more you can have detailed description of each and every aspect of Instagram on wikipedia.

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