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Twitter stands as a pulsating hub of trends, conversations, and connections. As we step into the year 2024, the Twitterverse is abuzz with a whirlwind of discussions and hashtags that define our digital era. Are you curious to discover the top trending Twitter hashtags that are shaping the online discourse this year? From viral challenges to significant global events, the ever evolving landscape of Twitter hashtags offers a unique window into our shared experiences and interests.

In our exclusive guide, “Unveiling The Top Trending Twitter Hashtags 2024,” we take you on an exciting journey through the most influential and captivating hashtags of the year. Get ready to dive deep into the trends that are igniting the Twitter sphere, and by the end of this article, you’ll not only be aware of the hit hashtags, but you’ll also be equipped to navigate the vibrant world of Twitter with style and substance. Join us in unraveling the trending hashtags that are shaping 2024’s digital narrative.

Please Note The Twitter is now know As “X” the old blue bird logo is replaced by an X.

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Top Trending Twitter Hashtags

As the year 2024 is on an end, Our team decided to create an article, on Top Trending Twitter Hashtags that remained top of the line throughout the years 2022, 2023 and 2024, the list our experts have gathered form all around the websites, is not the final yet as the trend keeps on changing, and new trends blew up overnight but till today’s date we have 100 most used hashtags on the twitter “X” this year:

top trending twitter hashtags most used

Here is the information presented in a table format:

RankHashtagTweet VolumeDate
1#deprem5.1MFeb 06, 2022
2#เลือกตั้ง665.0MMay 14, 2023
3#AMAs4.5MNov 21, 2022
4#โหวตนายก3.9MOct 18, 2023
5#GRAMMYs3.2MFeb 06, 2023
6#BlackpinkAtCoachella2.5MApr 16, 2023
7#FIFAWorldCup2.5MNov 21, 2022
8#Oscars2.3MMar 13, 2023
9#TheAstronaut2.2MOct 28, 2022
10#NHK紅白1.9MDec 31, 2022
11#السعوديه_الارجنتين1.9MNov 22, 2022
12#Eleições20221.8MOct 31, 2022
13#KAZZAWARDS20231.8MMay 16, 2023
14#GMMTV20231.8MNov 22, 2022
15#ChávezSiempreChávez1.8MMar 10, 2023
16#Threads1.7MJul 06, 2023
17#LOLFanFest2023D11.7MJun 24, 2023
18#Lazada66WOWTH1.6MJun 06, 2023
19#iHeartAwards1.6MJan 12, 2023
20#GQMOTY2022xMileApo1.6MDec 14, 2022
21#hatayyardimbekliyor1.6MFeb 07, 2023
22#猫の日1.5MFeb 22, 2023
23#WWDC231.5MJun 06, 2023
24#BazaarSGXApo1.5MNov 10, 2022
25#SpotifyWrapped1.5MNov 30, 2022
26#音楽の日1.5MOct 20, 2023
27#EXO_EXIST1.4MJun 12, 2023
28#Eurovision20231.4MMay 14, 2023
29#MileApoXGiffarineHya1.4MNov 12, 2022
30#นายกคนที่301.4MMay 15, 2023
31#GmmtvOuting20231.4MMar 26, 2023
32#GDAinBKK1.4MJan 07, 2023
33#AprilFoolsDay1.4MApr 01, 2023
34#planet1.4MJul 06, 2023
35#EXO_CreamSoda1.3MJul 10, 2023
36#ENGLOTxRapidLife1.3MFeb 09, 2023
37#BTS10thANNIVERSARY1.3MJun 13, 2023
38#TakeTwo1.3MJun 09, 2023
39#dek661.3MMay 20, 2023
40#HBDThalapathyVIJAY1.3MJun 21, 2023
41#BLACKPINKXCoachella1.3MApr 23, 2023
42#Jimin_FACE1.2MMar 24, 2023
43#Qatar20221.2MDec 19, 2022
44#DMDLINEUP20231.2MDec 13, 2022
45#UFC2901.2MJul 09, 2023
46#InternationalWomensDay1.2MMar 09, 2023
47#يوم_التاسيس1.2MFeb 22, 2023
48#BulgariSerpentiLightUp1.2MDec 22, 2022
49#ValentinesDay1.2MFeb 14, 2023
50#FNS歌謡祭1.2MDec 07, 2022
51#SRICHAND1111xMileApo1.1MNov 11, 2022
52#10yearswithBTS1.1MJun 12, 2023
53#YaşDeğilHAKistiyoruz1.1MDec 28, 2022
54#MySchoolPresidentOnStageD11.1MMar 18, 2023
55#فوازير_غازي_الذيابي91.1MApr 12, 2023
56#Lazada1212LiveTH1.1MDec 12, 2022
57#CentralEmbassyxMileApo1.1MNov 15, 2022
58#زمان_پارک_پُہنچو1.1MMar 14, 2023
59#EYTKabineyeSesleniyor1.1MDec 26, 2022
60#SUGA1.1MApr 07, 2023
61#PenfoldsxBibleBuild1.1MNov 11, 2022
62#on_the_street1.0MMar 03, 2023
63#BVLGARIxApoBuild1.0MDec 22, 2022
64#turkey1.0MFeb 06, 2023
65#depremoldu1.0MFeb 06, 2023
66#FunFanไปกับD7xMileApo992.7KDec 11, 2022
67#MySchoolPresidentOnStageD2976.5KMar 19, 2023
68#LisaXCeline973.3KMar 30, 2023
69#DebateNaGlobo968.2KOct 29, 2022
70#THEMUSICDAY966.2KJul 01, 2023
71#Kahramanmaras963.9KFeb 06, 2023
72#SetMeFree_Pt2960.0KMar 17, 2023
73#نکلو_خان_کی_زندگی_بچاؤ955.5KMay 09, 2023
74#HappyNewYear948.3KJan 01, 2023
75#IndigoByRM945.5KDec 02, 2022
76#RIPTwitter943.7KNov 18, 2022
77#BillboardCorrupt940.8KApr 11, 2023
78#MileApoBibleRedSeaDay2940.0KDec 04, 2022
79#Ulusta100BinÖğretmen936.3KJan 22, 2023
80#LisachellaReturns934.7KApr 23, 2023
81#HappyBirthdayTaehyung933.9KDec 30, 2022
82#Coronation921.4KMay 06, 2023
83#UCLfinal918.3KJun 11, 2023
84#WanDayXMile917.2KNov 17, 2022
85#seferberlik911.1KFeb 07, 2023
86#HappyVDay910.0KDec 30, 2022
87#enkazaltındayım903.9KFeb 06, 2023
88#BBB23902.4KJan 24, 2023
89#MySchoolPresidentFinalEP894.3KFeb 24, 2023
90#StrayKids893.3KJun 02, 2023
91#depremsondakika883.2KFeb 09, 2023
92#CDTVライブライブ881.5KDec 19, 2022
93#SaintLaurentxTEN878.9KJan 18, 2023
94#WrestleMania872.2KApr 03, 2023
95#فوازير_غازي_الذيابي9857.3KApr 09, 2023
96#YüzBinÖğretmenBeşiktaşta854.8KJan 08, 2023
97#JungKook_Seven849.1KJul 06, 2023
98#9ent2023xfreenbecky848.9KMay 25, 2023
99#Oscars95841.1KMar 13, 2023
100#CutiePie2YouFinalEP835.7KJan 27, 2023

Top Trending Twitter Hashtags 2024 Till Date

  1. #FoodieFriday
  2. #PositiveVibes
  3. #Podcast
  4. #ThrowbackThursday
  5. #Innovation
  6. #HealthyLiving
  7. #GamingCommunity
  8. #PetLovers
  9. #DigitalMarketing
  10. #EntrepreneurLife
  11. #SelfCareSunday
  12. #FashionTrends
  13. #ArtisticExpression
  14. #TravelTuesday
  15. #StartupLife
  16. #Wellness
  17. #TechNews
  18. #FitnessGoals
  19. #BookLovers
  20. #MondayMotivation
Top trending twitter hashtags of 2024

FAQs On Top Trending Twitter Hashtags

1. What are Twitter hashtags?

  • Twitter hashtags are keywords or phrases preceded by the “#” symbol, used to categorize and organize tweets related to specific topics, events, or discussions. They make it easier to discover and join conversations on Twitter.

2. How do I create a Twitter hashtag?

  • To create a Twitter hashtag, simply include the “#” symbol before a keyword or phrase (e.g., #NewYear2024). Make sure there are no spaces or special characters within the hashtag.

3. What is the significance of trending hashtags on Twitter?

  • Trending hashtags represent the most popular and widely discussed topics on Twitter at a given time. They provide insights into what’s currently trending and can help users discover new conversations and events.

4. How do hashtags become trending on Twitter?

  • Hashtags become trending on Twitter when a significant number of users are using them in their tweets within a specific timeframe. Twitter’s algorithm identifies the surge in usage and highlights these hashtags as trending.

5. Can I add multiple hashtags to a single tweet?

  • Yes, you can include multiple hashtags in a single tweet. However, it’s a good practice not to overuse hashtags, as it can make your tweet appear spammy. Aim for a balance.

6. How can I find the top trending hashtags on Twitter?

  • You can find the top trending hashtags on Twitter by checking the “Trending” section on your Twitter homepage or by using Twitter’s search feature. Many websites and apps also track and display trending hashtags.

7. Are there specific rules or guidelines for using hashtags on Twitter?

  • While there are no strict rules, it’s essential to use relevant and appropriate hashtags. Avoid using hashtags to spread hate, misinformation, or engage in spammy behavior.

8. Can I participate in trending hashtag discussions on Twitter?

  • Yes, you can join discussions related to trending hashtags by including those hashtags in your tweets. It’s a way to engage in conversations about popular topics.

9. How long do hashtags typically trend on Twitter?

  • The duration of trending hashtags varies. Some may trend for a few hours, while others can remain trending for days, depending on the topic’s popularity and relevance.

10. Can I create a custom hashtag for my event or campaign on Twitter?

  • Yes, you can create a custom hashtag for your event or campaign to promote it on Twitter. Ensure that it’s unique, relevant, and easy to remember.

11. Are there tools to track the performance of hashtags on Twitter?

  • Yes, there are various social media analytics tools that can help you track the performance of hashtags, including reach, engagement, and mentions.

12. How can businesses benefit from trending hashtags on Twitter?

  • Businesses can leverage trending hashtags to increase their visibility, engage with their audience, and stay current with industry trends. It can also be a part of their social media marketing strategy. Just like Notes On Instagram and Facebook Messenger act as Business attraction same does the hashtags do for twitter.


In conclusion, staying informed and engaged with the top trending Twitter hashtags of 2023 to 2024 is a valuable way to remain at the forefront of discussions, events, and popular topics in the digital sphere. These hashtags offer a window into the collective consciousness of the Twitter community, reflecting the issues, interests, and conversations that matter most at any given moment. By actively participating in conversations around these hashtags or strategically incorporating them into your tweets, you can harness the power of social media to connect with a broader audience, increase your online presence, and drive engagement.

As we’ve seen from the top trending Twitter hashtags of 2022, 2023 and 2024 the platform continues to be a dynamic space for the exchange of ideas, the celebration of cultural moments, and the promotion of various causes. To leverage these trends effectively, it’s crucial to maintain a balance between timely participation and maintaining authenticity within your online presence. While the landscape of Twitter hashtags is ever-evolving, their ability to unite and inspire communities remains a potent force.

By staying attuned to the pulse of the Twitterverse and the ebb and flow of top trending Twitter hashtags, individuals, businesses, and influencers can position themselves as relevant and influential voices in the digital realm. So, embrace the trends, join the conversations, and use these hashtags strategically to amplify your message, expand your reach, and make your mark in the exciting world of Twitter.

Keep an eye on the evolving landscape of top trending Twitter hashtags, and don’t hesitate to explore new opportunities for connection and engagement in the ever-changing social media sphere. Your journey into the world of Twitter trends has only just begun, and there are countless conversations waiting for your unique perspective. Stay informed, stay involved, and stay trending.

Stay tuned for the latest twitter updates and trends in the world of social media, including the most up-to-date insights on top trending Twitter hashtags and their impact.

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