Have you ever found yourself scrolling through the Instagram explore page only to encounter a stream of posts and reels that seem repetitive and uninteresting? Well, you’re not alone. What you’re experiencing is the influence of the Instagram Algorithm, working behind the scenes to curate content tailored to your interests.

The algorithm is designed to enhance your user experience by displaying feeds that align with your preferences, as inferred from your search history, liked posts, and the type of reels you frequently engage with. Instagram utilizes this data to create a personalized content stream, aiming to captivate your interest while using the app.

Understanding the intricacies of the Instagram algorithm is crucial for boosting your followers and garnering more views for your content. However, since policies and algorithms evolve over time, this article aims to provide a clear and updated understanding of “How Instagram Algorithm Actually Works in 2023.”

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about the Instagram algorithm, offering insights that can elevate your social media experience. Let’s dive in and unravel the workings of the Instagram algorithm in 2023.

What is Instagram Algorithm?

what is Instagram algorithm

when it comes to Instagram Algorithm, it’s not just a single function but a number of Algorithms working together to give the best ever experience to the user, The Instagram algorithm is a mathematical formula that determines the order and visibility of posts in a user’s feed.

Its primary objective is to show users the most relevant and engaging content based on their interests, relationships, and behavior. Gone are the days of a chronological feed; the algorithm’s aim is to optimize the user experience by showcasing content that users are more likely to engage with.

The Algorithm runs a loop around all your latest likes, The stories you have opened, The post you have liked the most, The reels you have shared the most, It even Judge how much someone is important in your life, And definitely it shows the posts of your loved ones at the top.

While the exact intricacies of the Instagram algorithm are closely guarded secrets, several key factors influence its decision-making process And Instagram itself reveals that there is a different Algorithms working for every Section in the app, For example there is different algorithm for reels and a different one for Stories and posts. This way every Person will have different media on the explore page and a different feed displayed on top because there is a very less probability that every to persons have the same thing to see.

How Instagram grade Posts and Stories

How Instagram grade Posts and Stories

when it comes to scrolling down on Instagram definitely you will love to see your Friends and Family members before anyone else the algorithm of Post and Stories also work much the same way as of Reels, The only difference is that you will see the Posts and Stories of People you Follow on Instagram.

To bring in front of you the best results, Instagram focuses On some of the Key points which Are as follow:

1) Engagement: The algorithm prioritizes content that generates high engagement levels, such as likes, comments, and shares. The more interactions a post receives, the more likely it is to be shown to a wider audience.

2)Relevance: Instagram analyzes users’ past behavior, including their likes, saves, and searches, to determine their preferences. It then tailors the content displayed to align with users’ interests and habits.

3)Relationship: The algorithm considers the relationships between users, prioritizing content from accounts that the user frequently interacts with, such as friends, family, or accounts they’ve engaged with in the past.

4)Timeliness: While Instagram no longer follows a strict chronological order, recency still plays a role. Recent and freshly posted content tends to be given higher priority, ensuring users stay up to date.

The Main points Instagram Focus when showing feeds to you

Algorithm ChecksDescription
With whom do you chat the most on Instagram?The algorithm considers your chat frequency with different users to personalize your messaging experience.
Whose pictures do you like and comment on the most?The algorithm takes into account the users whose posts you engage with frequently, including likes and comments.
The number of times you visited a person’s profile.Profile visits contribute to the algorithm’s understanding of your preferences and influence content suggestions.
With whom do you share the most (Reels, Posts, Stories)?The algorithm considers the users with whom you frequently share content, including Reels, Posts, and Stories.

In short the new 2023 algorithm of Instagram work tirelessly to curate and personalize the content we see. Along with the personalized content, Instagram also brings forward the content that is being liked the most at the time, such as a post with maximum shares, numerous saves and likes. More shares and likes Trigger Instagram Algorithm and hence it boosts the post more and more.

How do Instagram Explore page Algorithm work

The Function of explore page is to showcase new things in front of you, and most of the feeds on it will be from the people that you even don’t follow, but ever noticed that these posts are also related to something that you are most interested in and you search and like the most consciously or subconsciously.

I myself experienced, just after 24 hours or even earlier, searching for best Snow shoes my entire explore page was full of brand posts selling and advertising snow shoes, snow tires, jackets to wear in snow, skating shoes etc, In short everything related to snow and shoes.

In the same way you will also have your explore page according to your recent liking and searches. Its like “You are what you eat” ( You see what you want)😅.

Instagram Algorithm Behind the explore page

Image source Instagram

Being human we could guess this explore page might be of a girl liking pink theme things, or a girl who likes reading short stories and poetry.

It could also be a boy searching for pets, or a fitness freak exploring diet food, or interested in new home renovation.

This is what we are judging from a single screenshot of a random explore page, Instagram algorithm works on maintaining interest and it knows it all better😎.

To rank posts on top, The Algorithm sees what sort of posts you have liked the most, secondly it sees what others have liked the most and then after filtering the posts on the behalf your and other Instagramers Interest, it grades them On your explore page using the following Signals:

1)Post information: The first thing that Instagram observes is how famous is the post being, the no of likes it received, the no of shares and the no of saves, this action is more prominent in explore page than in stories and posts.

2)Interaction history: Instagram already knows how much you are interested in someone,s content, from the past likes, comments and shares on their posts from your side and it doesn’t matter if you follow the person or not.

3)User activity: Instagram is clever some it not only consider your likes, comments and shares but How you have responded to them in your explore page.

4)Poster Information: Instagram also consider the history of the User posting it’s content, like how much likes, views and comments they have received on their content, In the past few days, This helps Instagram to extract high quality content form Billions of Instagramers(users).

How Instagram Viral Reels

How Instagram Viral Reels

The foremost outcome of Instagram reels is Bringing entertainment to peoples life, here Instagram shares it’s focus from what you like to what might entertain you.

Instagram predicts outcomes, by focusing on what sort of music you like, which music videos you have saved and how often do you visit your audio page and from this Instagram derives a probability if you want to make your own reel or not, these things help Instagram to present you the best results, some of the Important grading tools for Reels are:

1)User activity: Instagram looks at the recent Reels you have interacted with and pick out the best content That suits you.

2)Interaction history: Instagram notices the past interactions that you have with a content, weather you follow the account or not.

3)Reel information: Instagram also focuses the Audio/Music Used in the reel, And how trending in the audio or music being, it helps Instagram to rank content properly.

4)The Role of Hashtags: Hashtags are a vital component of Instagram Reels’ success. Trending hashtags increase the discoverability of Reels. Hashtag landscape and effective hashtag Implemented can significantly boost the chances of a Reel going viral.

5)information of poster: When it comes to Reels Instagram does not care if you are a newbie or famous creator, Instagram give chance to everyone, which means that the Algorithm displays content from a wide range of people.

6)Tapping into Trends: One of the secrets to a viral Instagram Reel is staying on top of trends. Users leverage popular challenges, dances, and memes to ride the wave of viral content. Whether it’s participating in viral dance challenges or putting a unique spin on a trending topic.

Type of posts Instagram avoids

As we know Instagram is an entertainment platform and it gives chance to everyone to showcase their talent, everyone gets an equal chance to express themselves along with this Instagram do focus on the safety as well of the users, Instagram takes all those posts down that seems to be exploiting their Community guidelines the Algorithm takes down all such posts that exhibits:

  • False information, And is approved as false by the (third party fact checker).
  • It contains a sensitive content, such as gambling, raping, Consuming alcohol.
  • Content that promotes vaping and Tobacco are also not much appreciated and are taken down.
  • The posts that Include politics, and are used by politicians and government for riots.
  • And Instagram keep strict eye on High resolution on the content believe me Instagram loves higher resolution and high quality pixels in content
  • Instagram never supports watermarked content.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How does the Instagram algorithm impact what I see on my explore page?
    • The Instagram algorithm determines the content displayed on your explore page by analyzing your previous interactions, such as liked posts, search history, and the types of reels you engage with.

  2. Why does my Instagram feed seem repetitive and predictable?
    • Your feed reflects the Instagram algorithm’s effort to curate content tailored to your interests. It draws insights from your activity history, including likes, searches, and watched reels.

  3. How does the Instagram algorithm contribute to a better user experience?
    • Instagram’s algorithm enhances user experience by presenting personalized content, making the platform more engaging and enjoyable for individual users.

  4. Can understanding the Instagram algorithm help me increase my followers?
    • Yes, a deep understanding of the Instagram algorithm can assist in strategically boosting your follower count and optimizing the visibility of your content.

  5. Why is it important to stay updated on the Instagram algorithm in 2023?
    • Policies and algorithms evolve over time, impacting how content is curated and displayed. Staying informed about the latest updates ensures you adapt your content strategy accordingly.

  6. What factors influence how the Instagram algorithm prioritizes content?
    • The algorithm considers various factors, including user engagement, post recency, content type, and relevance to individual preferences, to determine the order in which content appears on a user’s feed.

  7. How often does the Instagram algorithm get updated?
    • Instagram regularly updates its algorithm to refine user experience, introduce new features, and adapt to evolving trends. The frequency of updates may vary.

  8. Can the Instagram algorithm be manipulated?
    • The Instagram algorithm is designed to prioritize authentic engagement and quality content. While some strategies can influence visibility, attempting to manipulate the algorithm may result in negative consequences.

  9. Does the Instagram algorithm impact the visibility of business accounts differently?
    • The algorithm treats all accounts similarly, focusing on factors like engagement, relevance, and recency. However, business accounts may benefit from utilizing Instagram’s business features to enhance visibility.

  10. Where can I find the latest information on Instagram algorithm updates?
    • Stay informed by checking official Instagram announcements, following social media marketing resources, and keeping an eye on industry news for the latest insights into Instagram algorithm changes.


To sum it up, knowing how the Instagram Algorithm works helps you make the most of your time on the platform. It looks at who you talk to, whose posts you like, and how often you visit profiles. This knowledge lets you enjoy a personalized feed. Stay updated on any changes, and you’ll have a better time on Instagram, seeing the things you like! However if you need Our help please leave us a comment we will be happy to assist you.

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