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In an era where digital communication dominates our daily lives, ensuring the privacy of our messages is paramount. Enter the world of WhatsApp Privacy Checkup, a comprehensive guide designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to safeguard your conversations.

In this article, we unravel the Importance of WhatsApp’s privacy settings, providing step by step insights into how you can control, who sees your information and enhance the security of your messages. Dive deep into the realm of WhatsApp’s privacy features, discover valuable tips, and embark on a journey to take control of your messaging experience and obviously your privacy. Stay with us till the end, and equip yourself with the knowledge of digital privacy checkup within WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Privacy Checkup

In a world that’s rapidly advancing and where privacy is a growing concern, WhatsApp remains at the forefront, bringing new and unique features overnight, making no compromises when it comes to user security and privacy. Introducing an extra layer of protection, they’ve rolled out WhatsApp Privacy Checkups, reinforcing security measures to ensure users have a robust defense against potential threats. Here we are providing a detailed explanation to help users navigate and maximize the enhanced privacy settings introduced by WhatsApp.

privacy checkup

More About Privacy Checkup New Features

The Privacy Checkup feature empowers you to tailor the ideal level of protection that suits your needs. This tool provides a user-friendly, step-by-step guide to fortify the security of your account, enabling you to customize all your privacy settings conveniently in one centralized location. Within the Privacy Checkup, you gain the ability to:

1) Now You Can Choose who can contact you.

who can contact you

Within this section, you have the power to decide who can establish contact with you, offering a shield against unwanted calls and messages. The flexibility extends to regulating who has the authority to add you to groups, providing you with the autonomy to shape your social interactions. Additionally, you can opt to silence calls from unknown numbers, contributing to a more peaceful digital experience. The functionality to manage your blocked contacts adds another layer of control, ensuring that your communication space aligns precisely with your preferences.

2) Keep Control your personal info.

Keep Control your personal info.

In this part, you get to pick who gets to know your personal stuff, like when you’re online or what you’re up to. You’re in charge of deciding who can check out your profile picture, manage who sees when you were last online, and take control of read receipts. It’s like having your own privacy superhero, letting you decide who sees what on your WhatsApp. Easy, right?

3) Adding More Strict Privacy To Your Chats.

Adding More Strict Privacy To Your Chats..

In this area, you can control who gets to see your messages and media. It’s like setting up barriers to keep your chats safe. You can decide how long your messages stick around with the default message timer and also take care of those super-secure backups that are end-to-end encrypted. It’s your space, your rules!

select timer
notification settings
backup settings

4) Adding More Protection To Your Account.

Adding More Protection To Your Account.

Here, you can add an extra layer of protection to your account, making it like a fortress. You’ve got controls for things like fingerprint lock Face ID lock and two-step verification. It’s your personal security command center to keep your WhatsApp safe and sound.

face lock or fingerprint lock

Quick Review Of Whatsapp New Features

All New features

Now with Whatsapp new Privacy check you have control over to:

  • Visibility of Last Seen and Online status.
  • Accessibility to your Profile Photo.
  • Permission to view your About information.
  • Privilege to see your Status updates.
  • Sending or withholding Read Receipts.
  • Inclusion in group chats.
  • Selective silencing of incoming calls.
  • Authorization for someone to call you.

How To Change Your WhatsApp Privacy Settings

Android: Navigate to additional options 📌, then select Settings ⚙️, followed by Privacy 🔒.

iPhone: Access Settings ⚙️, then tap into Privacy 🔒.

KaiOS: On KaiOS devices, press Options ➡️, head to Settings ⚙️, then select Account ➡️ and finally Privacy 🔒.

Desktop: Click on the menu 📄, go to Settings ⚙️, and choose Privacy 🔒.

Important Things To Remember

If you don’t share your last seen or onlineUnable to see last seen or online status of other users.
If you turn off read receiptsWon’t see read receipts from other users (except in group chats).
If a contact has disabled read receiptsWon’t be notified if they’ve viewed your status updates.
If you select Everyone for last seen or onlineOnly those you’ve called, messaged, or saved as contacts can see your last seen and online status.


Q: What makes WhatsApp Privacy Checkup different from regular privacy settings? A: WhatsApp Privacy Checkup goes beyond regular privacy settings by offering a comprehensive guide and step-by-step insights to empower users with enhanced control over their messaging privacy.

Q: Why is it crucial to understand the Importance of WhatsApp’s privacy settings?
Understanding the Importance of WhatsApp’s privacy settings is vital in today’s digital age to ensure secure and protected communication. The article provides insights on controlling information visibility.

Q: How does Privacy Checkup give users control over their contacts?
Privacy Checkup empowers users to decide who can contact them, manage group additions, and control blocked contacts, offering a personalized shield against unwanted communication.

Q: What personal information can users control in the “Keep Control your personal info” section?
In this section, users can manage who sees their online status, profile picture, last seen, and read receipts. It’s a user-controlled privacy superhero ensuring a tailored WhatsApp experience.

Q: What additional protection is provided for chats in Privacy Checkup’s “Adding More Strict Privacy To Your Chats” section?
The section allows users to control who views their messages and media, offering settings like message timers and end-to-end encrypted backups for added security.

Q: How does Privacy Checkup act as a security fortress for the WhatsApp account in the “Adding More Protection To Your Account” section?
The section provides an extra layer of protection through controls like fingerprint lock, Face ID lock, and two-step verification, turning the WhatsApp account into a personal security command center.

Q: Can users control who sees their last seen, profile photo, and status updates separately with Privacy Checkup?
Yes, Privacy Checkup allows users to individually manage who sees their last seen, profile photo, About information, status updates, read receipts, and group chat inclusions for a personalized experience.

Q: How frequently should users perform the WhatsApp Privacy Checkup?
It’s recommended to perform the WhatsApp Privacy Checkup regularly, especially when there are changes in preferences or concerns about security, to ensure the settings align with the user’s current needs.

Q: What devices are covered by Privacy Checkup for WhatsApp users?
Privacy Checkup is accessible across various devices including Android, iPhone, KaiOS, and Desktop, ensuring a consistent and user-friendly experience on different platforms.

Q: Can Privacy Checkup be customized based on individual preferences?
Yes, Privacy Checkup is designed to be user-friendly, allowing customization based on individual preferences for a tailored and secure WhatsApp messaging experience.


In conclusion, WhatsApp Privacy Checkup is your trusted ally in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication. With a focus on empowering users to control their messaging experience, this comprehensive guide ensures that your conversations remain private and secure. By delving into the intricate details of WhatsApp’s enhanced privacy features, you’ve gained valuable insights and tips to fortify your account.

As you embark on implementing these measures, remember that digital privacy is a continuous journey. Stay informed, adapt the settings to your evolving needs, and revel in the assurance that WhatsApp is committed to providing robust security. Thank you for accompanying us on this exploration of WhatsApp Privacy Checkup. Here’s to a safer and more personalized messaging experience! However if you need our further help please leave us a comment we will be happy to assist you.

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