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Not only Instagram, your username is your virtual identity on all social media platforms, so it should stand out as distinct, trendy, and stylish. It’s what people recognize you by, so make it unique and memorable.

If you are finally done with setting up your Instagram account and you’re struggling to come up with catchy Instagram username Ideas, do not worry! we are always there to help you out, In this article, we’ll assist you in selecting a username that not only exudes coolness but also distinguishes your profile from ordinary Instagram accounts.

Username is the first thing that grabs attention when a user lands at your profile, username is a crucial thing to consider when you are concerned about Growing your identity on social media.

Here, you’ll find a compilation of top Instagram username ideas for both girls and boys, along with a step-by-step guide on how to modify your username and a big FAQ section that will clear all your concepts regarding usernames selection.

Best Instagram Username Ideas for girls

Here’s a compilation of pretty Instagram username Ideas tailored for girls specially. Feel free to pick one that resonates with your personality and your Instagram profile. However, please be aware that many of these names may already be in use. However you can grab inspiration from the list and infuse your unique touch. You can blend, adapt, or use a name from the list and craft your perfect Instagram identity.

  1. EnchantedSorceress
  2. Butter cups
  3. Stella queen of sun.
  4. CupcakeCharisma
  5. VelvetTiger
  6. TwilightGlow
  7. MysticalCharm
  8. BikeTrailBlazer
  9. StarryWhisper
  10. DreamyDimples
  11. CandiedHeart
  12. LovelyKara
  13. HannyCalling
  14. SizzleSpice
  15. LiveLuxe
  16. BeautyJourney
  17. SleepySpark
  18. GigglesGalore
  19. CandylandMiss
  20. KittyTigeress
  21. InstaFrenzy
  22. BunnyEuphoria
  23. LavenderBreeze
  24. BerryDelight
  25. VansVoyage
  26. LuckyMissie
  27. ChillPixel
  28. QueenOfHearts
  29. Butterflight
  30. LilPrincessa
  31. SunshineGlow
  32. PinkDreamer
  33. StarlightDance
  34. AdmireGrace
  35. AngelicCharm
  36. LoveliciousJoy
  37. BabySparkles
  38. FabulouslyYou
  39. PinkMonarchy
  40. LadyInRedefined
  41. BeautifulSoul
  42. LilacLullaby
  43. HouseRoyalty
  44. UnicornWhisper
  45. BunnyMelody
  46. DanceAndSingIt
  47. TrulyGenuine
  48. ResilientSpirit
  49. TechElegance
  50. ClassyClairette
  51. FashionistaGlow
  52. VibrantAlpaca
  53. PopcornPixie
  54. FeatheryPink
  55. LemonadeUnicorn
  56. TranceLeaver
  57. CupcakeHugger
  58. MartiniKisses
  59. VanillaRomance
  60. ChantillyDream
  61. SparklingChamp
  62. GoldPeony
  63. MarsalaMagic
  64. GardenHeartfelt
  65. RoseBerryBliss
  66. MagicLilyPad
  67. TweedLoveStory
  68. ColorfulPoppins
  69. TulipWhisperer
  70. SugarHeavenly
  71. PeachBlossom
  72. TeaAndSconeSoul
  73. SoireeEnigma
  74. BabyGlow
  75. DarkEnchantress
  76. LaughingBelle
  77. SummerDreams
  78. GoofyGlam
  79. BeachVibesBabe
  80. SassyEnigma
  81. DreamWeaverGirl
  82. StarryGaze
  83. ShadowPrincess
  84. KingdomQueen
  85. TweetyChirper
  86. AngelicWonders
  87. CuddleChampion
  88. ColonialCherub
  89. CrazyCatGoddess
  90. KittyBlossom
  91. LaughingFeathers
  92. SnuggleBunny
  93. CutiePetal
  94. AnonymouseMystery
  95. DollyDangerous
  96. ChicConfidante
  97. BoldAndBeautiful
  98. PoshPrincessa
  99. StylishSerenade
  100. VixenVibrance
  101. KindheartedKitten
  102. LovelyLioness
  103. MajesticMermaid
  104. AdventurousAurora
  105. BraveBeauty
  106. PeachyPrincess
  107. MidnightFeline
  108. CoutureChic
  109. EleganceEdge
  110. FierceQueen
Instagram username Ideas

Best Instagram Username Ideas for Boys

boys username ideas

Now these are the Instagram username ideas for boys designed in the similar way as for girls, the rule is still the same which ever you like you can directly copy and paste or else if blend it with a new word and create another unique new word.

  1. ByteMaster
  2. captainAmerica
  3. SwagPioneer
  4. PhantomRider
  5. TechSavvyBruce
  6. NightWatchman
  7. SacredExplorer
  8. InspireQuest
  9. VisionaryMind
  10. GlobeTrotterX
  11. HumanityChampion
  12. LuckyNavigator
  13. MankindHero
  14. NatureGuardian
  15. Spiderman
  16. IronGrip
  17. TheDestructionist
  18. MightyMacho
  19. MusclesGalore
  20. GameSimmerPro
  21. SlayerOfGames
  22. TexasTigerKing
  23. FearlessSwagster
  24. DemonHunter
  25. CyberWarlord
  26. SkullCrusherX
  27. FightMaster
  28. ElectricSpark
  29. YoYoMaestro
  30. MickyRocker
  31. CaptainBadass
  32. GuitarStrummer
  33. GamerNightfall
  34. DeadEnd
  35. DealMaker
  36. CerealKiller
  37. GuruOfDoom
  38. LuckyCharm
  39. ManhattanHero
  40. WashingtonWill
  41. Batman
  42. CreepyAdventurer
  43. FreakTamer
  44. MexicoExplorer
  45. DancingDavid
  46. GlobalVoyager
  47. CaptionGuru
  48. PunchJockey
  49. SevenShooter
  50. Legionnaire
  51. SamuraiSavvy
  52. NinjaNomad
  53. BadBoyRising
  54. PunchPresident
  55. UltraDead
  56. AmericanHero
  57. DevilishCharm
  58. DramaMaestro
  59. BrainyShots
  60. ExtraLoudHero
  61. NinjaWarrior
  62. ImportedSensei
  63. BaldAvenger
  64. DayOwlAdventurer
  65. PaulWalker
  66. DiscoDetective
  67. SickPicker
  68. BalloonFaceHero
  69. BatManiac
  70. MadDawg
  71. TitanOfChaos
  72. GymBeast
  73. HellRaiser
  74. SmartyChampion
  75. CoolCrusherX
  76. SpaceExplorer
  77. StarQuest
  78. MysteryManiac
  79. TheAnnihilator
  80. MadMaximus
  81. BuzzBrawler
  82. OneManShowtime
  83. ArmyOfOne
  84. InstaMastermind
  85. CyberTron
  86. SaloonBrawler
  87. DaylightOwl
  88. DiscoCopX
  89. SickerPicker
  90. FightJuggernaut
  91. WannabeCool
  92. MrStrangeWorld
  93. MightyCaptain
  94. ZombieSlayer
  95. SuperbGuy
  96. TechnoMaestro
  97. MetalMaverick
  98. TechProdigy
  99. SoulHarvester
  100. FearFury
  101. TechBabushka
  102. CherryExplorer
  103. ChillChin
  104. ColonialRider
  105. DareDevastator
  106. ElfKingpin
  107. AlienMind
  108. NotJustBond
  109. RockingRowdy
  110. Unfriendable
  111. SwagInundator
  112. JawJumper
  113. FantasticMrX
  114. ShowRunner
  115. GladiatorSpirit
  116. TitanOfSteel
  117. IronHideHero
  118. PeacefulDude
  119. GoodGuyAdventurer
  120. FunkyExplorer
  121. SpiderPunkster
  122. BrawlerOfLegends
  123. MegaChampion
  124. ThornyTrailblazer
  125. AwesomeAchiever

How to change your username on Instagram

Changing your username on Instagram is easy, here are few easy steps one by one which you can follow and get your username changed:
Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your phone

Step 2: Tap on the profile section from the bottom tab

Step 3: There will be a button named Edit profile below your bio. Select it.

Instagram username change

Step 4: Now you can write your new Name and Username and press done in the Top corner. the process to change username on both private and public account is the same.

Instagram username change part 2

Importance Of Unique Username On Instagram

Crafting an Instagram username is a chance to showcase your individuality and distinctiveness. Opting for a creative and memorable username not only facilitates easy discovery on the platform but also serves as an invitation for others to follow your profile. Beyond personal expression, a unique username can enhance brand recognition, elevate your strategies for monetization, and contribute to maintaining a consistent identity across various online platforms. Choose a username that resonates with your personality and objectives, making your Instagram presence both authentic and engaging.

Choosing a unique Instagram username

When you’re thinking of a cool Instagram name, there are a few tricks to make it special. First, try to make it easy to remember. You can use fun word tricks like rhyming words or starting with the same letter.

Make sure that no one else is already using the name you want. You wouldn’t want people to get mixed up and follow the wrong account!

Also, think about how much personal info you want to share. If it’s for business, maybe keep it more neutral. But if it’s just for you, feel free to be more creative.

Remember, your Instagram name can be up to 30 characters long, and you can use letters, numbers, and periods. But no emojis, punctuation marks, or symbols allowed.

Certainly! If the name you desire is already in use, get creative by adding underscores, numbers, or periods within it. For instance, if “SunshineGirl” is taken, you could consider alternatives like “Sunshine_Girl” or “Sunshine.Girl.123”. Enjoy choosing a special and unique name!


What is the importance of having a unique Instagram username?
A unique Instagram username helps you stand out in the crowded social media space. It makes it easier for people to find and remember your profile.

How can I create a cool Instagram username for myself?
You can create a cool Instagram username by combining words, numbers, and symbols that represent your interests, personality, or brand. Try to keep it short and memorable.

Are there any rules or restrictions for Instagram usernames?
Yes, Instagram has some rules for usernames. They must be between 1 and 30 characters, contain only letters, numbers, periods, or underscores, and they cannot begin with a period. Additionally, usernames must be unique and not already in use by another account.

What are some popular trends for Instagram usernames?
Popular trends for Instagram usernames often include incorporating emojis, using puns, adding underscores or periods to separate words, and including numbers or initials.

Can I change my Instagram username after creating my account?
Yes, you can change your Instagram username. Go to your profile, tap “Edit Profile,” and then tap on your current username. You can then enter a new username, but be aware that once you change it, your old username becomes available for someone else to use.

Should my Instagram username reflect my real name or be more creative?
It depends on your personal preference and the purpose of your Instagram account. Using your real name can make it easier for people who know you personally to find you, while a creative username can help establish a unique online persona.

How can I check if a specific Instagram username is available?
You can check the availability of a username by trying to create a new account with that username. If the username is already taken, Instagram will prompt you to choose a different one.

Are there any tools or websites that can help generate Instagram username ideas?
Yes, there are online tools and websites that can generate Instagram username ideas based on your interests and preferences. These tools can be helpful if you’re struggling to come up with a unique username, while we also provide Instagram username Ideas plus our website also provide Instagram and Messenger Notes Ideas.

Is it okay to use special characters or symbols in my Instagram username?
Instagram allows certain special characters such as periods and underscores in usernames. However, it’s essential to use them sparingly and ensure that your username remains easy to read and remember.

Can I use someone else’s Instagram username if their account is inactive or has been deleted?
Instagram generally does not allow the reuse of usernames from inactive or deleted accounts. These usernames are typically reserved and cannot be claimed by others.


Choosing the perfect Instagram username is a creative and personal endeavor that can significantly impact your online presence. A unique and memorable username can make it easier for friends and followers to find you, express your personality or brand, and help you stand out in the vast world of social media. While there are rules and restrictions in place, there is still plenty of room for creativity when crafting your Instagram identity. Whether you opt for a username that reflects your real name or one that showcases your creativity, the key is to make it meaningful and representative of your online persona.

Our team have brought for you 100+ untapped Instagram username ideas, choose and paste any you like and if you still need our help ant any point leave us a comment, we will be happy to assist you. For more Ideas feel free to visit.

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