why people say Facebook Is The New Search Engine

Yes you heard It right! That’s the News of the day. Recently Mark Zuckerberg on his whatsApp channel announced that, Meta has introduced Meta AI, a cool new tool that changes how you do stuff on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger. Now, you can use Meta AI right from the search boxes on these apps. Plus, Meta made a special website called meta.ai where you can use it on the internet too. Let’s see what cool stuff it can do!

Where Is Meta AI On Facebook

Meta AI is now super easy to find because it’s right at the top of your profile page in the search bar. Before, it was kind of hard to get to, but now it’s just a click away. So, whether you’re chatting, sharing, or looking for something, Meta AI is right there to help you out.

Can Meta Ai Make Picture And Videos

Not Only It can create pictures out of your imagination, but Make your Pictures Move! One really cool thing about Meta AI is that it can make your photos move! Yep, you read that right. With Meta AI, you can turn your boring old photos into fun, animated ones. And it happens super fast, while you’re typing! Not only that, Meta AI can even make a video showing how you made your animated masterpiece.

How Can I Explore Meta AI on the Web

There’s more! Meta also made a special website called meta.ai. Now you can use Meta AI on the internet too! No need to switch between apps, just hop onto meta.ai and start creating.

Do Meta Ai have A Page On Instagram

Yes If you want to know what’s new with Meta AI? Just follow @meta.ai on Instagram! They share all the latest updates and cool stuff you can do with Meta AI. So, don’t miss out give them a follow and stay in the loop!


Meta AI is changing the game by making creativity easy and accessible across all your favorite apps. With features like animated photos and real-time video creation, there’s so much to explore and enjoy. And with meta.ai, you can now access Meta AI on the web too! So, join the fun and stay updated by following @meta.ai on Instagram. Let’s see where Meta AI takes us next! Plus stay connected with us for more News and latest updates about social media.

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