Why New Version Of Meta Ai Assistant Released On WhatsApp

So we are here with an exciting News, Mark Zuckerberg In his WhatsApp channel announced that Meta Ai assistant is now available across Meta’s apps such as WhatsApp and smart glasses, revealed significant enhancements. Let’s dive into the article and explore what changes have they come up with.

Llama 3 Is The New Brain Behind Meta AI

Meta AI now runs on Llama 3, a cutting-edge AI model designed to boost its intelligence. This upgrade aims to make Meta AI one of the smartest assistants around. What’s more, Llama 3 is being made open source, allowing wider access to its capabilities.

Enhanced Accessibility Across Platforms

Meta AI is now easier to access than ever. It’s seamlessly integrated into the search boxes of popular apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger, In short they are being called the next search engines. Additionally, a dedicated website, meta.ai, has been launched, extending Meta AI’s reach to users on the web.

What Can Meta Ai Assistant Create

Meta AI introduces exciting new features for creative endeavors. Users can now animate photos effortlessly. The process is lightning-fast, with updates happening in real-time as users type. Moreover, Meta AI generates a playback video, showcasing the creative process behind each creation.


To sum up, Meta AI’s latest updates are a big step forward. With Llama 3 and its open source, Meta AI becomes even smarter and more accessible. It’s now easier to use across different apps and on the web, making life simpler for everyone. Plus, the new creative features add fun and excitement to the mix.

As Meta AI keeps growing, it promises to make technology friendlier and more helpful, bringing convenience and joy to users everywhere. Stay connected for more such latest News only at socialhubin.

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