Instagram Over Took YouTube In Ad Revenue

Hey there, SocialHubin is here with some exciting news! Instagram has reached an incredible milestone, surpassing YouTube in advertising revenue, according to recent court filings. Since Meta acquired Instagram back in 2012 for $1 billion, it’s been a major contributor to Meta’s earnings.

Gone are the days when Instagram was just a simple photo sharing app. With features like Reels, Instagram Notes, video notes, and more, it has transformed into a powerhouse in the realm of social media. Let’s delve into how Instagram managed to achieve such a significant milestone and become a dominant force in the digital world.

Instagram’s Dominance in Advertising Revenue

Instagram, the popular photo and video-sharing social platform owned by Meta, has achieved remarkable success in generating advertising revenue. In 2021 alone, Instagram amassed a staggering $32.4 billion in advertising revenue, comprising 27% of Meta’s total revenue for the year. This figure surpasses the ad revenue earned by Google’s YouTube, which amounted to $28.8 billion during the same period.

Growth Trajectory and Acquisition

The disclosure of Instagram’s impressive revenue figures was made during a recent court filing as part of Meta’s defense against a federal antitrust lawsuit. It underscores the substantial growth Instagram has experienced since Meta’s acquisition of the platform in 2012 for $1 billion. At the time of acquisition, Instagram was a relatively small and revenue-free app focused on photo-sharing. However, under Meta’s ownership, its revenue has skyrocketed.

Revenue Milestones

Instagram’s revenue trajectory is notable: $11.3 billion in 2018, $17.9 billion in 2019, $22 billion in 2020, $32.4 billion in 2021, and $16.5 billion in the first half of 2022. This consistent growth highlights Instagram’s increasing significance within Meta’s portfolio and its growing dominance in the digital advertising space.

Competitive Edge

The comparison between Instagram and YouTube’s ad revenue further accentuates Instagram’s competitive edge. Despite YouTube’s significant presence in the online video market, Instagram has managed to outperform it in terms of advertising revenue. This underscores Instagram’s effectiveness as an advertising platform and its ability to attract advertisers.

Speculation on Valuation

Industry analysts have speculated on Instagram’s potential valuation, suggesting it could rival YouTube’s estimated worth of $400 billion. This speculation is fueled by Instagram’s continued revenue growth and its prominent position within Meta’s business strategy.

Cost Efficiency and Revenue Distribution

Moreover, Instagram’s revenue model contrasts with YouTube’s approach. While YouTube shares 55% of ad revenue with content creators, Instagram appears to operate with higher cost efficiency. This difference in revenue distribution highlights Instagram’s distinct business model and its ability to generate significant revenue while potentially offering more favorable terms to advertisers.


In conclusion, Instagram’s exponential growth in advertising revenue, coupled with its strategic importance within Meta’s portfolio, solidifies its position as a powerhouse in the digital advertising landscape. Its success underscores the platform’s effectiveness in connecting advertisers with a vast and engaged user base, positioning it as a formidable competitor to established players like YouTube. However if you still need our help, please leave us a comment, we will be happy to assist you. Plus stay in touch for more such latest News.

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