WhatsApp Adds New Features To Voice Messages

As you know, WhatsApp’s voice messaging feature lets you instantly communicate with your contacts and groups. It’s useful for sharing important or time-sensitive information. All voice messages get automatically downloaded and much more.

I was checking my WhatsApp voice messages when I noticed a chat from the official WhatsApp account. It contained a video titled “3 Pro Tips, New Features To Voice Messages” with the caption “Voice message like a pro!” The video provided 3 new tips, which I’ll share with you in this article.

Additionally, you can now record, preview, and re-record status updates before sharing them with selected contacts. The recipients can listen to your status and view an active visualization of the audio as it plays.

Let’s move on to the pro tips!

What Are WhatsApp New Features To Voice Messages

what are WhatsApp new voice message features

Voice Message Like a Pro

WhatsApp has added some handy new features to it’s software like WhatsApp Channels, Communities and now is focusing on making voice messaging even better. Let me walk you through the 3 pro tips they shared:

how to record long voice note on whatsApp
  1. Swipe Up to Lock Voice Recording Instead of having to hold down the mic icon to record a voice message, you can now swipe up on it to lock the recording mode. This allows you to record hands-free without keeping your finger pressed down the whole time.
Can I swipe Up to record long voice note

Just swipe up on the mic icon once to lock recording mode. Then you can lift your finger and record your message freely. To stop recording, simply tap the mic icon again. This makes it much easier to record longer voice notes.

how can i preview my voice message
  1. Preview Before Sending We’ve all had times when we re-listen to a voice note and realize we misspoke or didn’t say what we intended. WhatsApp’s new preview feature can help avoid those oops moments.
can i listen to whatsapp voice message before sending

After recording a voice message, just tap the play icon before sending it. This allows you to review the recording first. If you’re not satisfied, you can re-record the message before sending.

can i listen to whatsApp voice messages faster
  1. Playback at High Speed Ever received a really long voice note that would take forever to listen through? WhatsApp’s new high-speed playback can cut that time significantly.
why are my whatsapp voice Messages so fast

Just tap the 1x button to see higher speed options like 1.5x or 2x. Select the desired speed and the voice note will play back faster, allowing you to get through the message much quicker while still understanding it.

So those are the 3 pro tips for voice messaging, lock recording mode, preview before sending, and high-speed playback. Give them a try to voice message like a pro!


What happens if I swipe up to lock voice recording but don’t stop it manually?

If you swipe up on the microphone to lock recording mode but then don’t tap the mic icon again to stop it, the voice note will automatically stop recording after 1 minute. This timeout is a safeguard to prevent endless recordings.

Does high-speed playback distort the audio quality?

WhatsApp tries to maintain audio quality as much as possible during high-speed playback. However, you may notice a slight decrease in fidelity, especially at higher speeds like 2x. But it should still be easily understandable.

Can I share my voice message status with everyone in my contacts?

No, when recording a voice message status, you have to manually select the specific contacts you want to share it with. There isn’t an option to blast it out to all contacts at once.

Do voice messages expire/disappear like regular WhatsApp statuses?

No, unlike image/video statuses that disappear after 24 hours, voice message statuses will remain visible to selected contacts indefinitely until you manually delete them.

Will voice messages automatically turn into text transcriptions?

Not currently. WhatsApp’s voice messaging features focus on recording, previewing and high-speed playback. The app does not yet offer voice-to-text transcription capabilities.


With these three new “pro tips”, WhatsApp has made voice messaging an even more convenient and user-friendly experience. The ability to lock recordings hands-free, preview messages before sending, and play back notes at higher speeds demonstrates WhatsApp’s commitment to continuously improving its core features on both mobile and WhatsApp Web.

The lock recording mode alleviates the need to keep a finger pressed down, allowing for easier recording of longer voice notes. The preview option helps prevent those embarrassing “oops, I didn’t mean to say that” moments before hitting send. And high-speed playback is a game changer for power users who need to quickly digest long voice messages.

But WhatsApp didn’t stop there. They’ve also enhanced voice statuses, letting users record, preview, and re-record status updates before sharing them with a curated list of contacts. Recipients get the added benefit of an active audio visualization synced to the voice recording.

These new voice messaging capabilities from WhatsApp provide a smooth, polished experience for users who prefer the intimacy and convenience of voice communication over text. They continue to push the boundaries of what a modern messaging app can offer.

So go ahead, update your WhatsApp, for new features and start voice messaging like a pro! With a tap and a swipe, you’ve got powerful new tools at your fingertips to communicate more effectively than ever before. However If you need our further help, please leave us a comment, we will be happy to assist you.

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