why is Social Media Platform X Is No More Accessible In Pakistan Due To Security Concerns

Socialhubin is here with another News on recent, Islamabad, April 17 Thursday, In a move citing national security concerns, Pakistan’s interior ministry announced the blocking of access to social media platform X around the time of February’s election, confirming suspicions of a long-suspected shutdown.

Official Confirmation After User Reports

Users in Pakistan had reported issues accessing X, formerly known as Twitter, since mid-February. However, the government had not officially acknowledged the matter until now.

Interior Ministry’s Statement

In a written submission to the Islamabad High Court, the interior ministry acknowledged the shutdown. Abdul Moiz Jafri, a petitioner and advocate, stated that another court instructed the government to review the ban within a week.

The ministry emphasized that the ban was imposed due to X’s failure to comply with lawful directives and address concerns regarding platform misuse. The decision aimed to uphold national security, maintain public order, and preserve the nation’s integrity.

X’s Response and Political Context

X, formerly Twitter, reportedly continued to work with Pakistan’s government to understand its concerns. However, access to the platform remained limited after the February 8 national election, which Imran Khan’s party alleges was rigged.

Khan’s Party’s Significance on Social Media

Imran Khan’s party is a significant user of social media platforms, particularly X, as traditional media reportedly censored news about Khan and his party ahead of the polls. Khan’s substantial following on X underscores its importance in Pakistani politics.

Khan’s Allegations and Current Status

Khan alleges that Pakistan’s military orchestrated his ouster as prime minister in 2022 and facilitated the formation of the current government, despite his party’s electoral success. He remains incarcerated on various convictions, most of which were issued shortly before the election.

Continued Usage Amid Restrictions

Despite the ban, many government officials, including Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, purportedly continue to use X, likely through VPN software bypassing the restrictions.

Government’s Justification and Concerns Raised

The decision to block X temporarily was based on confidential reports from intelligence and security agencies, citing “hostile elements” operating on the platform with intentions to destabilize the country. However, rights groups and marketing advertisers have expressed concerns.

Concerns of Digital Rights Activists and Marketers

Digital rights activist Usama Khilji highlighted the importance of platforms like X for democratic accountability, particularly in light of election rigging allegations. Marketing consultant Saif Ali noted the challenge of attracting Pakistani advertisers to Twitter due to governmental throttling.


In summary, Pakistan’s interior ministry confirmed blocking access to social media platform X during February’s election due to national security concerns. This move, long suspected, highlights the delicate balance between security and freedom of expression. Despite the government’s justifications, critics argue that such restrictions undermine democratic accountability. The situation underscores broader global debates on digital governance and individual rights in the digital age. Stay connected for more such social media News.

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