Latest News | Now You Can Protect Backed Up Messages With End-To-End Encryption On WhatsApp

So Socialhubin is back with another News, WhatsApp offers robust security features, including end-to-end encryption for personal messages and the option to secure iCloud and Google Account backups with the same encryption. This ensures that only you and the intended recipient can access the content of your conversations.

End-to-End Encryption for Personal Messages

WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption guarantees that messages and media sent through the platform are scrambled and can only be decoded by the sender and the recipient. This means that not even WhatsApp itself can read or listen to your messages.

End-to-End Encrypted Backup

Now with end-to-end encrypted backup, you can extend this high level of security to your iCloud or Google Account backups. This additional layer of protection ensures that your backed-up messages and media remain private and inaccessible to anyone other than you.

Password Protection for Backups

When you create an end-to-end encrypted backup of your WhatsApp data on iCloud or Google Account, the stored information is protected by a password or a 64-digit encryption key. This ensures that even if the backup is stored in the cloud, it remains secure and inaccessible to unauthorized users.

Managing Passwords and Encryption Keys

You have control over your password or encryption key associated with your WhatsApp backup:

  • Changing Password: You can change your password at any time, provided you have access to your WhatsApp account, your previous password, or your encryption key.
  • Security Note: It’s crucial to remember that if you lose access to your WhatsApp account and forget your password or encryption key, WhatsApp cannot assist in recovering or resetting them.

Important Note on Backup Restoration

It’s essential to keep your password or encryption key secure and accessible. WhatsApp cannot:

  • Send you a copy of your password or encryption key.
  • Reset your password or encryption key.
  • Restore your backup for you without your password or encryption key.


WhatsApp’s commitment to end-to-end encryption and encrypted backups prioritizes user privacy and security. By utilizing these features responsibly and ensuring that access credentials are safeguarded, users can benefit from enhanced protection of their personal data within the messaging platform. Stay Connected for more such latest News.

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