How To Clear Instagram Search Suggestions

Delve into our complete guide on how to clear Instagram search suggestions while typing and take control of your Instagram journey. Have you ever noticed words popping up below the search bar when you type on Instagram? Those are called search suggestions, storing your recent searches in the “Recent Searches” section.

If you want to get rid of them for privacy or just to keep things neat, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Learn step by step how to clear those suggestions and tidy up your Instagram experience. It’s your Instagram; let’s make it exactly how you want it!

What Are Instagram Search Suggestions

When you look for something on Instagram, the search box is empty at first. But right below it, you might see names of accounts you searched for recently. This is there to help you find those accounts quickly. If you want to get rid of these suggestions or keep your searches private, you can remove them. Just follow the steps in the sections below.

When you start typing in the search box, Instagram suggests accounts that begin with the letter you’re typing. It’s not very clear how Instagram decides this, but if you visit an account a lot, it’s likely to show up in the suggestions when you type the first letter of that account’s name.

How To Clear Instagram Search Suggestions

While Instagram doesn’t allow you to delete suggested search data, you can take control of your recent searches by removing them. Whether you want to clear specific searches or wipe out your entire search history, here’s a comprehensive guide:

1. Access Search History

Open the Instagram app on your mobile device and tap the Search icon, usually represented by a magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen.

2. Navigate to Recent Searches

Once in the Search section, tap on the Search field located at the top of the screen. Your recent searches will be visible below the search bar.

3. Delete Individual Searches

If you wish to eliminate a particular recent search, look for it under the “Recent” section. To remove it, tap the ‘X’ icon positioned to the right of the account name. This will delete the selected search.

How to clear search suggestions individually.

4. Delete Multiple Searches

For those wanting to clear all recent searches at once, tap on “See All” at the top of the list.

how to clear all searches together.

5. Clear All Recent Searches

In the top-right corner of the screen, you’ll find the “Clear All” option. Tap on it to delete all recent searches collectively.

How to clear search history at once on Instagram.

By following these steps, you can actively manage and declutter your recent search history on Instagram, ensuring a more personalized and organized experience. Whether you’re tidying up your searches or maintaining privacy, this guide provides the tools to navigate your Instagram search history effectively.

How To Clear Instagram Search Suggestions From Your Activity

Maintaining privacy and managing your search history is crucial on Instagram. If you’re looking to clear individual search suggestions, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Access Your Profile

Press the “Profile” button on the Instagram app to enter your profile.

Step 2: Navigate to “Your Activity”

Once on your profile page, tap the hamburger menu icon, usually located in the top-right corner. From the list that appears, select the “Your Activity” option.

how to Instagram search suggestions when typing on iphone

Step 3: Find “Recent Searches”

On the “Your Activity” page, locate and tap on “Recent Searches.” This option appears after “Account history.”

how to clear Instagram search suggestions when  typing

Step 4: Clear Individual Searches

A list of your recent searches will be displayed. To delete a specific search suggestion, press the “Clear All” button located beside the “Recent Searches” title on the header bar.

Step 5: Confirm the Deletion

Upon pressing “Clear All,” a confirmation prompt will appear. If you’re certain about removing all search suggestions, tap “Clear All.” If accidental, choose “Not Now” to retain your search history.

Benefits Of Deleting Instagram Search Suggestions

  1. Post-Breakup Emotional Well-being:
    • Deleting Instagram search suggestions ensures that reminders of a past breakup, such as the account of an ex-partner, won’t unexpectedly appear during your searches. This contributes to maintaining emotional well-being by allowing you to move forward without constant reminders.

  2. Enhanced Privacy:
    • By removing certain search suggestions, you have greater control over your digital footprint. If you’ve visited profiles that you’d prefer to keep private, deleting search suggestions helps ensure that your browsing history remains confidential, even if someone else uses your phone for an Instagram search.

  3. Avoid Awkward Social Situations:
    • Unwanted search suggestions can sometimes lead to awkward social situations, especially if someone else is using your device. Deleting these suggestions minimizes the risk of uncomfortable encounters, maintaining a level of discretion and control over your online interactions.

  4. Personalized Search Experience:
    • Deleting search suggestions allows you to tailor your Instagram search experience to your preferences. Rather than being influenced by past searches, you can start each search session with a clean slate, focusing on the content that matters to you at that moment.

  5. Prevent Unintended Discoveries:
    • Search suggestions might inadvertently reveal your recent interactions or interests. Deleting them helps prevent others from stumbling upon accounts you’ve visited, ensuring that your online activities remain your personal business.

  6. Mitigate Impact of Shared Devices:
    • If you share your device with others, removing search suggestions becomes essential. It helps prevent the unintentional exposure of your search history, maintaining a level of privacy even in scenarios where others might use your phone for Instagram searches.


What Are Instagram Search Suggestions?
Instagram Search Suggestions are words or phrases that appear below the search bar when you type on Instagram. These are essentially your recent searches compiled in the “Recent Searches” section.

How To Clear Instagram Search Suggestions?
To clear Instagram search suggestions, follow these steps:

  1. Access Search History: Open the Instagram app and tap the Search icon.
  2. Navigate to Recent Searches: Tap the Search field, and your recent searches will be visible.
  3. Delete Individual Searches: Tap the ‘X’ next to the account name to remove a specific search.
  4. Delete Multiple Searches: Tap “See All” and clear all recent searches by tapping “Clear All.”

How To Clear Instagram Search Suggestions From Your Activity

  1. Access Your Profile: Press the “Profile” button on the Instagram app.
  2. Navigate to “Your Activity”: Tap the hamburger menu icon, select “Your Activity.”
  3. Find “Recent Searches”: Locate and tap “Recent Searches” after “Account history.”
  4. Clear Individual Searches: Press the “Clear All” button next to “Recent Searches.”
  5. Confirm the Deletion: A confirmation prompt will appear; choose “Clear All” or “Not Now” based on your decision.

Why Do Instagram Search Suggestions Appear?
When you search on Instagram, the search box is initially empty. However, Instagram suggests accounts below the search bar based on your recent searches, aiming to assist you in finding accounts quickly.

Can You Remove Individual Search Suggestions?
Yes, you can remove individual search suggestions by tapping the ‘X’ next to the account name in the “Recent Searches” section.

Is Clearing All Recent Searches Permanent?
Yes, clearing all recent searches is permanent. A confirmation prompt will appear, allowing you to proceed or choose “Not Now” to retain your search history.

How Often Should I Clear My Instagram Search Suggestions?
The frequency of clearing Instagram search suggestions depends on personal preference. If you value privacy or prefer a clutter-free experience, periodic clearing can be beneficial.

Do Cleared Searches Sync Across Devices?
Yes, clearing searches on the mobile app also removes them from Instagram’s web version. The synchronization ensures consistent search history across devices.

Why Does Instagram Suggest Accounts When Typing?
When typing in the search box, Instagram suggests accounts starting with the typed letter. The algorithm considers your interaction history, with frequently visited accounts more likely to appear in suggestions.

Why should I delete Instagram search suggestions?
Deleting Instagram search suggestions can help maintain your emotional well-being, especially after a breakup. It also ensures greater privacy by preventing unwanted accounts from appearing and minimizes the risk of awkward social situations.


Your time on Instagram should be fun and easy, just the way you like it. Our guide has shown you how to control your Instagram adventure by getting rid of those search suggestions. We know those suggestions can be a bit much, especially if you prefer things neat and private.

Whether you want to clear specific searches, wipe out everything, or manage your activity, we’ve given you the full scoop. Your Instagram journey is in your hands, from understanding search suggestions to mastering the art of cleaning up your searches. We’ve covered it all, ensuring you have the tools to shape your Instagram exactly the way you want.

So, whether you’re looking for a more organized search history or aiming for a clutter-free Instagram, our guide is your go-to. Remember, it’s your Instagram playground, and we’re here to help you customize it based on your likes. Follow these simple steps, and enjoy a cleaner, more personalized Instagram experience. Your Instagram, your rules, However If you need our further help, please leave us a comment, we will be happy to assist you.

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